Friday, March 27, 2009

Learning to Ski!!!

Last Saturday, I finally went skiing for the first time!

View at Les Contamines-Montjoie
(N.B. I did not ski on these advanced slopes shown in the video lol, but did enjoy recording anyway!)

Actually, one of the associations at my university organised a Journée Glisse, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out! 25€ included transport to and from Les Contamines-Montjoie in Haute Savoie (which entailed reaching the university at 7am to get the arranged bus), and lunch (or pique-nique as it was called) and some light snacks in the afternoon. I rented ski equipment (skis, boots, and poles) separately for 15.30€.

I must say that a lot of people were very helpful (merci beaucoup!!!), e.g. one friend lent me ski clothes, another taught me how to ski and let me sleep over by her after the trip (no buses after 8pm, remember!), and one of the teachers at my school lent me a pair of sunglasses to combat the snow & sun combination!

To be honest, I had ups and downs that day:
Walking what felt like at least 400m in ski boots on the side of the road to reach the ski station (not fun, lol), learning how to ski (fun), not knowing I was supposed to let go of the ride thingy and bouncing into the protective cord barrier which saved me from falling down a mountain (not fun, but at least I didn't die so I probably shouldn't complain lol), falling on my side on the snow (not fun but bearable), learning how to stop/brake (the fun really began!!!), sunshine!! (fun), lovely views (fun), waiting an hour in the cold after skiing (not fun!! I was just too tired and tooooo cold, to the point that I was unable to laugh at the students' sumo wrestling competition, and eventually just made my way to the bus!! (fun! lol). I was much better then, and especially after I took a nap on our way back to Chambéry.)
I'd like to give skiing another try!

Alright, time for some pictures!! Enjoy :-)

Alaska Store - rental of ski equipement. Such a cute town!

Heavy ski boots next to skis ... yes I was relaxing on the snow

I skied down the little slope to the left of the building)

The ride was fun! (left of the pic)

Cool... clearly I did not ski here! lol

Pretty!! Doesn't it make you want to ski?!


That ride again!

So much snow!

P.S. Three students from a high school here in La Motte-Servolex and their guide, died earlier this month in an avalanche at a different ski resort. Quite sad indeed, and a reminder that we're never 100% safe.

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