Friday, January 29, 2010

My carte de séjour!!! yay :-)

I received my new carte de séjour this morning! Yayyyyyy!!! In fact, the Préfecture had only received it from Paris today!

The friendly lady at the Préfecture told me about a week ago that she would see about my file immediately and send it to Paris, and she really did :-) It's actually funny that I received my carte de séjour the exact same date as I did last year :-O

Overall, this is great, since I leave the country in two days! Whew!!! Anyway, I'm glad I don't have to change my plane ticket. Spain here I come!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Annecy in January

Photos taken around the lake today

Around the lake (next to the casino), there's an enclosure with some animals.
Here's a turkey

Ooh look at the pretty peacock!
(or is it a "royal turkey"? lol --> un pavo real in Spanish)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Officially on vacation!!!

Happy New Year!!! Bonne année!!! Feliz año nuevo!!!

I probably should have posted that about 3 weeks ago lol. Anyway, well today I had my last exam (which was crap by the way) and now I can finally breathe!!!

Alright, so a few things have happened since my last blog post. I went to the Fête des Lumières in Lyon. Fantastic! I enjoyed it more than last year:) and had great company. Let's see, I also turned 23! (getting old-ish lol). My holidays were great too! Christmas day in Annecy followed by a few days in Grenoble with some fellow Trinis (we also went skiing!), then back to Chambéry for one day, then New Years in Lyon. It snowed a few days before Christmas ... the snow then melted, no snow ... then boom! 30 cm snow of snow in one night, just in time for the rentrée (4th Jan)! I've since changed my footwear lol. January has been a lot less fun /à la limite assez stressant! because I was pretty busy with uni (project, business game and exams).

Anyway, the next thing on my agenda is ... Spain! Well, that's if the Préfecture gives me some sort of récépissé/carte de séjour in the next 10 days! Ahh, the usual ... sigh. *Patience, patience*

Here are some pics from December and January. Enjoy!

Christmas lunch in Annecy

Sign at the youth hostel in Grenoble. Interesting English lol

Téléphérique in Grenoble

Chamrousse ski station

Pics of Chambéry - nice day, beginning of January

Les Eléphants - in Chambéry of course!

And then it suddenly snowed! --> no class + no buses = I stayed home :-)

I've arrived at uni! Umm, perhaps I won't take that dangerous path/descent with all that snow!

Ski station? Nope, snow at the Université de Savoie
The library is in the background

Oh look! A snowman at uni!

Winter in Jacob Bellecombette

La Croix du Nivolet in the distance
The snow has finally melted. Today was foggy.
This is the same field that looked like a ski station.