Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer recap

Yesterday was my last day of work. The two months went really quickly, and I actually feel a bit sad that it's come to an end. It was a great experience! Now in hindsight, I can safely say that I'm glad that British Airways cancelled my return tickets. Lol, in fact by not going home this vacation, I got valuable work experience in an international organisation, met new people, and of course improved my French. As for the ticket cancellation, that also worked out! A few weeks ago, British Airways refunded my mom the amount of the cancelled ticket.

Homesick? Nahh. It's a question people usually ask me and perhaps my response surprises them. It's been a little over 11 months since I've been here. Well, it's a bit hard to be homesick when you have a mom who sends daily emails to keep me up to date. Plus just being abroad is exciting in itself.

Current plans? None really lol... ok to be honest plans are a bit vague. Well a few days in Lyon from this weekend as usual, and then once I return to Savoie, I have quite a few things to sort out... such as cleaning my apartment, registering at the university, and visiting the Préfecture (not the most exciting activity on the list, but I can only hope that things go smoothly and quickly!).


Jennie said...

What classes will you be taking? Do you know yet? Stop by building 13 sometime - I am always in the computer classroom even when I don't teach classes. it's my second home. :)

Alicia said...

Ohh, same building as la scolarité! I'll have to pass by to say hello :-) I registered this week, and will be finishing my M1 Management International (didn't do all the courses last year because of the assistantship). La rentrée is the 21st September, so I still have a few weeks vacation! Have you started teaching as yet?

Jennie said...

Nope, I start when the semester starts so same as you. I don't even have my emploi du temps yet so I don't even know what days I work!

Alicia said...

All the emplois du temps are available on the uni's website. Log into your email, then click on Planning des cours, then Enseignants. Voilà! :-)