Monday, May 11, 2009

A new month... new ups and downs

Some recent happenings:

Number one on the list (as in the number one surprise/shocker!) Well, I found out that BA cancelled my return ticket (since I didn't take a connecting flight in September). Actually I didn't take the flight on purpose because my visa was not yet valid to enter France, so I ended up overnighting in England and going to France the next day. Anyway, I've found out that there is absolutely nothing I can do about the situation (hmm, about 600€ down the drain?), and if I want to go home for the summer I'll have to buy a new ticket... great :S ... Apparently, had I informed the airline that I wouldn't be taking the flight, this drama would have been avoided. *makes note for future reference*

I bought a new computer/netbook :-) Sooo cute, so girly, and great price/quality and amazing battery life (up to 9 hours!) ! The new ASUS Eee Pc (1000HE model).

Almost all of my language assistant buddies have already returned home. Sniff sniff! Fortunately, before they left (last one leaves tomorrow!) we enjoyed a fondue dinner in Grenoble (at a themed restaurant), a relaxing afternoon at Lac du Bourget soaking in the sun, and a couple café outings in Chambéry.

I had a seriously weird experience one morning when cycling to uni. I fell asleep for a few seconds when waiting by a traffic light (Fortunately I was in the cycle lane, so no real danger). I then continued cycling, but because of a headache and some "not-feeling-all-here", "losing-consciousness" and "ahh-i-need-to-get-off-this-bike-as-soon-as-possible" sensations, I ended up attaching my bike to a bike post in Chambéry (of which at least 5 minutes were spent just holding on to another bike post to physically support myself and figure out what was going on, and trying not to pass out). I then covered my head with my hoodie and walked slowly to a bus stop, where I took a bus to uni. *moral of the story... a few hours sleep, followed by a very light breakfast, followed by intense cycling so as not to be late for class ... not good!)

Last week I had dinner with three of the English teachers from the collèges at a cool Moroccan restaurant in Aix-les-Bains. The evening with them and the food were great! I had saumon piment doux, which was served with couscous.

Uni is almost finished! I've got classes till Thursday midday, then a week off :-), then two exams during the last week of May.

I've been searching for a job. Really hope I get something soon!!

I received a lovely letter, as well as a lovely "present", from the CAF :-) At last!

The one sink in my apartment is finally unclogged!! After some weeks of frustration with a sink that drained incredibly slowly, a store-bought product did the trick a couple days ago! Guess I didn't need a plumber after all :-)

While I'm not much of a reader, I've been reading "a lot" lately. Books in English too, yay! lol

I received a nice Fedex package from my mom today! A pair of jeans that fit :-)


Jennie said...

Stupid BA! I can't believe they would cancel the return part of the trip just because you missed a connecting flight. Those jerks.

I was wondering if you or anyone you know in Chambery would be interested in cat-sitting for me. I'm supposed to go to Istanbul for a week in June (not sure of the dates, perhaps the 6th-13th?), but I have no one to feed my cat since my boyfriend will be away for training at that same time. So I would just need someone to stop by and feed and water him once a day, and maybe play with him a little since he's such a big baby and hates being alone. The problem is, I still have no idea where we will be living in Chambery as we are STILL looking for a stupid apartment. But I was just wondering if you know anyone who loves cats and will be around in June to help out!

Alicia said...

According to a BA employee, their actions reflected "international flight policy, and BA is not the only airline to do that" ... sigh, like if that was supposed to cheer me up! I would think that something so important should be included on the ticket contract (aka in the fine print, but it's not there. My mom found the info on their site a couple days ago though.)Anyway, it might be possible to get a refund for the return flights, so I'm hoping that works out *fingers crossed*

I'm also hoping to travel in June, so I'm not sure about cat-sitting *time to book cheap flights!* Oh, I'm much more of a dog person, but if Canaille is friendly, then no problem :P Anyway, I'll still find out if any of my friends will be around for sure.

Good luck on the apartment search!!