Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guess who had a good week?! Me!!!

Haha, yeah that's right! I'm ending February on a happy note :-)
Let's see, there are several reasons for this bliss:
  • Well my vacation ended nicely, yayyy!!! :-) so I started the week in a good mood!
  • Teaching went really well this week!!! I'm sure the teachers spoke to the classes about their behaviour. I'm starting to get the weird impression that the kids are starting to see me as an authority figure...they're behaving, doing their work, I can't complain! I was nervous about starting back teaching, e.g. I even started counting down the days... and hours lol, so it was a relief when things went well!!
  • My 4:30 to 5:30 class (teaching) yesterday i.e. Friday afternoon! got cancelled. :-) lol
  • The weather is pretty fantastic!!!!! I LOVE the sunshine!!! The place isn't as cold as before. Today's temperature ranged between 7°C and 15°C!! It felt so "tropical"!! I think I'm going to be really happy during le printemps!
  • I finally received my first semester uni results! According to one of my friends, "WOW!!!! good grades!!!".
  • I've only two months of teaching left, March and April. Did I mention I have two weeks of vacances scolaires in April?!! Yayyyy!!!!!
  • Oh yeah, I also got paid this week! (Although thanks to expenses and the inevitable "joys" of budgeting, my happiness in this regard was short-lived. lol)
Bye bye February, and hellloooo March!!!

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