Sunday, January 18, 2009

Studio life

Living in my new studio apartment has been improving ever since I moved in at the end of the year. For example, at the beginning the wireless Internet connection left much to be desired, but it has since sped up a bit! even though it is still usually too slow to stream videos.

If you're in France and want to watch French TV online for free in real time, check out this site from Neuf to view up to 20 channels: Service Télévision sur Ordinateur. Oh, and if you're located anywhere with an Internet connection and just need to listen to/legally stream your favourite music, check out Deezer.


Back to the topic lol. As a result, perhaps the most significant contributor to my bliss is my new TV, yay!!! I bought it at the Emmaüs in La Motte Servolex for 40€ along with an antenna for 5€. I have the following six channels: TF1, France 2, France 3, TV8 Mont-Blanc, Arte and M6. Oh yes, and did I mention that closed captioning/sous-titrage is helping my French! I'm learning new words every day lol :-) (At my last place, my colocataire/propriétaire had provided me with a TV so I could keep up with "Plus Belle la Vie" on France 3 lol).

Here's a brief overview of my studio:
It's located next to one of the schools I work at in La Motte-Servolex. There are a few of us in this building, including the principal and his family next door. (Oh, they have a lovely cat! I'm missing my doggie back home, so it's nice to have a pet closeby). Here's a pic of her when she snuck into my room!

It takes 45 minutes to walk from the apartment to the centre-ville of Chambéry, otherwise, it's just 12 minutes away by bus. The centre-ville of La Motte-Servolex is closeby, but there really isn't anything there to be honest lol. Fortunately, there is also a bus stop in front of the school, and thus less than 100m from my apartment - which is great when I'm in a rush! There are cycle paths too, so once the place starts to warm up I'd really love to do some riding!

The apartment itself is small but a decent size: bedroom, bathroom and another little room connecting the two. Other benefits of being here include: the rent! (obviously! At 5.75€ /night that's a fantastic deal! Well then again it is school housing, so it is subsidised); I can adjust my heating to whatever setting I desire (yay, I don't have to freeze lol); and giant windows/sliding door/false balcony (becase there is a short railing in front of the windows) providing great natural light and lovely mountain views including a view of La Croix du Nivolet. Drawbacks include: not having a real kitchen; the fridge is quite small (which means I have to go shopping at least once a week); there's no stove/oven (I have two hot plates. The first time I used the hot plates I thought I wasn't going to be cooking here again! I soon got over that lol.); and one (bathroom/kitchen) sink in the apartment. There is also no washing machine/dryer so sooner or later I'll have no choice but to visit the (expensive) laundromat... though I did hand-wash some clothes this weekend. Oh, buses also stop running around 8pm, so that's a problem for going out in the night. In spite of the disadvantages, I'm happy here!

It's just really nice renting my own place (=more privacy and independence). Gotta love being an adult lol.

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