Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shopping, Snowing, Studying & Strolling!

It was quite cold in Chambéry for the past few days, with temperatures reaching below 0°C!!

Well, Tuesday afternoon my teaching classes got cancelled so I made my way for the first time to the Chamnord Centre Commercial (aka the mall) to get new winter clothes. To be quite honest, I have not really been enjoying shopping for clothes across here. The main reasons are because I have never shopped for winter clothes before this Chambéry experience (so it's a bit frustrating since I'm not sure what to buy!!), and then I like cute/bright/colourful clothing but here there seems to be a wide variety of clothes in grey, black and brown! Not to mention that I also can't seem to find pants/jeans to fit properly!lol. Anyway, I ended up buying a brown hooded jacket of which the inside reminds me of some kinda fluffy animal lol. This purchase turned out to be a great move! because it snowed on Friday morning! It had snowed some days before that, but mainly at night. That morning I walked through the snow on my way to teach at one of the schools, and it was ok because I was warm enough in my jacket and gloves!

On another note, yesterday I spent about twelve hours working on a university project (Commerce International) with a German student. Yes... twelve hours... but the good thing is that we finished!! I think it's also the first time I've ever finished a project so early, a week in advance of the deadline! *wow*

Today I went strolling! It was soooo nice and sunny yay!!!!, plus it was 9°C which is a great improvement from the past few days! My unplanned stroll took me through Chambéry, Jacob Bellecombette, Cognin, La Motte Servolex and back to Chambéry. It took me a little under 3 hours walking around, stopping to glance at the "Vous êtes ici" signs on the maps at almost every bus stop to monitor my progess :-). There doesn't seem to have much to do on Sundays in France since almost everywhere is closed, so walking was fun. There were a few people walking and cycling today too. I think I'll rent a bike one of these days, as soon as I think I'll be completely comfortable with riding on the "wrong side" (i.e. on the right) of the road.:-)

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